Ways to Donate

Ways to Donate

Your Support Matters! 

Special Giving Opportunity: 

Everyone needs emotional support…

VCS will give a child an adorable Emotional Support Giving Bear when you donate $175. And, when you Give One, you Get One! Not only will a child receive this wonderful gift when you donate, YOU WILL receive one also!  THANK YOU! 

Donate HERE:


Counseling for All

We believe that everyone deserves quality mental health counseling.  However, access to counseling is not always readily available to all. Some people… our friends, neighbors, and/or family just can’t find counseling that is affordable, readily available and culturally competent.     Through our VCS Counseling for All initiative, we aim to make counseling accessible in the community and affordable to all.     Partner with us to offer counseling scholarships to all who have financial need.  We can work together to heal our community. That is who we are.  We are VCS.  Click Here

Volunteer Scholarship

Offer an opportunity of a lifetime to train individuals on how to provide quality mental health counseling.  By supporting Volunteer Scholarships, you in turn are supporting dozens of people who will receive counseling through each volunteer you sponsor.   VCS Volunteer Counseling Services is a one-of-a-kind model that trains lay people on how to provide counseling services.  Each Volunteer Counselor is trained through our exclusive model and will receive weekly supervision under the guidance of a licensed clinical practitioner as well as ongoing continuing education to ensure they provide competent care. Click Here


Become a VCS G.E.M.!

By partnering with us through monthly giving, your contribution is used throughout the year. Give Every Month 

makes donating more manageable to partner with us. You can schedule your giving to your preferred dates and it will automatically submit your support and provide you with a receipt.

Click Here  

All donors will receive documentation for your annual tax purposes as VCS Inc. is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. 

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